Holy Trio, Batman!

I am known for doing things in threes…ask my husband, it is a standing joke between us. Don’t know why, but it has to be either because I am one of three daughters or something to do with the Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.  Accordingly, I have three unrelated thoughts racing around today.  I am going to catch them quick and post before I try to make three separate blogs and become overwhelmed in the process!

Yarn by Canon Hand Dyes, free African Flower Paperweight pattern on Craftpassion.com, my version in Lady Rose MacClare  


Look what came in the mail today-swoon!  Is there anything more glorious than a skein of hand dyed wool?  Yes, three colors and 5 skeins of hand dyed wool. This fingerling weight wool is from Canon Hand Dyes created by a delightful entrepreneur from Portland named Amy Lee Serradell. She names her colors after characters from literature (and of course I have a skein of Darcy that I sleep with-a luscious garnet red…won’t ever knit it, probably be buried with it) so anyway, I am leisurely moving my way through a granny square afghan called African Flower Paperweight- free tutorial and pattern if you follow hyperlink.

It is my mindless project, one I take with me when I want to keep my hands busy and talk at the same time. These three colors apple, periwinkle and cream, aka Lady Rose MacClare, Fanny Dashwood and Jane Bennet are what is needed to finish the petals, petal outline and connecting crochet to complete the project. So I got started on this venture last February after attending the Stitches West Knitting Convention.  I went to check out the Canon Hand Dyed booth where I saw set of 24 hand dyed mini skeins in a rainbow of colors.  I was quite virtuous for 24 hours (one hour for each mini skein) until I realized a practical and noble reason for buying them… an unrequited Pinterest pin of the afghan.  I thought, WOW!, I have to have the 24 mini skeins to make the centers of each flower, I have to have the flowers so I have a mindless project…YES!  If you have read the previous blog post on the lace poncho, you will know why.   SOLD!  I figure, with perseverance, it will be done in 2-5 years…remember the turtle from same post. I have completed winding and crocheting all 24mini skeins into petal centers.

Poolside Tote pattern by Noodlehead and made by me...

Second…A further explanation of being a virtuous noble woman:  I was driving home yesterday from the Bunny Hop Quilt Shop in Eureka with my girlfriend Mary Lou.  We go every Thursday to embroider, hang out with other lovely women who are incredibly industrious to get motivated to be industrious ourselves. Plus, it’s cozy, chatty, pretty and companionable. We had also been to Stitch another fabric store in Ferndale, earlier in the day, to purchase supplies for a class we are taking to make the Poolside Tote by Noodlehead. Noodlehead is another talented entrepreneur, this time a fabric designer AND patternmaker.  Ok, long story short, we were waxing on about the attraction to fiber, yarn, fabric, floss, trying to figure out why we were drawn to it and why there was always the appeal of new fiber when we already had plenty of fiber?  I had come up with the brilliant idea that it was a survival of the fittest thing, we liked it because we were genetically predisposed from years of ancestors who survived because they made clothing fiber and didn’t freeze to death. The Darwin thing..fiber=clothes=survival.. It sounded good. Maybe I convinced Mary Lou?   BUT!  I found the REAL answer this morning while reading my embroidery newsletter!  They were celebrating 50 issues of the Inspirations embroidery magazine. They consolidated all favorite quotes to the most favorite which is:

She shops around for the best yarns and cottons, and always enjoys knitting and sewing."

~ Proverbs 31:13

We love fiber because we are Noble Women of Virtue! It is written in the Proverb 31:13 which says a virtue of a noble woman is that she seeks wool and flax and works willingly with eager hands. Well, that’s me and I am sure that is Mary Lou as well-I bet if you are reading this, you are a noble woman of virtue as well!  Thank heavens, literally-no more wondering…or feeling guilty.. just biblical justification.  

And Third... on being adorable.

Kaati...Definitely Adorable!   

When I met Kaati for the first time, our adult children Justin and Colleen were newly engaged to each other.  She and I have kindred sentiments in matters of the heart, especially in regards to our family. It is excellent for us to have been joined by the marriage of our children.

I knew I loved her immediately when she said the word “grandchildren” out loud, big grin on her face.

Saying the word grandchild out loud can be something akin to saying Voldemort when you are a mother of an adult daughter. So you try not to say it.   Saying anything can be akin to saying Voldemort for that matter.   When did we go from being the eyerollers to being eyerolled?  Nonetheless, having desire for grandchildren is in the DNA, much like fiber… and the feelings burst inside of you like champagne bubbles and it is so nice to share with someone so intimately related to the parents involved.  Do you know what else Kaati said as I was perseverating on the intricacies of grandparenthood?  She said, “Ninon, all we need to do is BE adorable”.  Words so simple, to live by, they have really stuck with me.  WOO HOO!


Some completed grandchild wardrobe capsule items :-) to date...