The Yam

I woke up and sat straight up in bed the other day at 4:30 a.m. with the words "It's the size of a yam" shouting gleefully over and over in my head—oh my word- what the Dickens? 

A yam, maybe 5-6 inches by 3 inches? Small things can do big things to us...wake us up from a deep sleep or how about the Princess and the Pea, a virus, an engagement ring, those are all examples of tiny sized things that can change someone's world overnight.   

Well, you say, what the Dickens?  The Dickens is my daughter is pregnant and she said, "Mama, my baby, right now, it's the size of a yam"!  

Remember my lofty wardrobe project? the planning?the fabric purchasing?the anticipation? BOOM, on the back burner without a third thought, my second thought was a moment of guilt about abandoning the wardrobe project...BUT there is time, later....  My world has changed overnight and with it my plans and I couldn't be happier. You see, someone more important is on their way, someone the size of a yam, and time's a wasting.  A baby so small and yet already complete; a little heart beating, movement felt, organs and bones all grown or growing, mostly now just putting on weight while we all wait, in anticipation, our extended family's hearts all beating to a calypso in unison, gratitude for such a small being, a precious life, a young couple's dream. 

I have a different wardrobe to sew; a layette. I am a first time Grandma in waiting, a Nana to be. Press the apron, get a rocking chair.  This magical time comes once, twice and I am participating where I can. I want to sew my big overwhelming love into wee garments, knit sweaters and hats, clothing for my baby to cuddle and wrap her baby in 

Something tiny has come into our family's world in a big big way and we will all never be the same again.