Game on... the Wardrobe Capsule Project challenge 2016 with In Sewtopia

Journal Sketching

Journal Sketching

I am participating in a year long wardrobe capsule project starting 2016 with Corinne at In Sewtopia 

I generally follow several independent pattern designer blogs such as Sewing Cake, ColetteSewaholicMarcy Tilton and Grainline Studios. Following these and other blogs introduces you to the designer, their philosophy, experiences and also to their other followers who often have their own blogs...reader can get lost for years following links. These women are amazing, so inspiring! Their thoughtful approach to fashion, their knowledge of sewing, the consideration for women is apparent in the clothing they design--and they are fun, creative, I find myself feeling more creative and motivated.  I also feel more connected to others that share the same love of fiber, fashion, and hand work. 

Last year, I read some of their posts about different methods to organize and explored building a wardrobe to express my individuality, preferences all the while addressing my clothing's function. I was in a state of transition; newly retired, evolving from work clothing to clothing that met my current lifestyle outside of an officeI had also lost a significant amount of weight and in the process was rediscovering what I liked as opposed to finding what fit. I needed to replace clothing on a budget and downsize my cluttered closet...most of all I really missed sewing.

There are many wardrobe capsule development tools out there, just google wardrobe capsule or some other descriptive phraseI personally worked through Colette's Wardrobe Architect questionnaires with some of my girlfriends. One friend and I actually I did it while driving from CA to WA, taking turns asking the question, the non driver jotting down answers in notebooksI found the information so insightful and thought provoking. I encourage you readers to do an exercise like the Wardrobe Architect whether you purchase your clothing or sew it yourself. The idea is to add clothing into your wardrobe in a thoughtful cohesive manner. Sharing the exercise with a adds another dimension. 

I found Corinne through a comment she made, I believe in a Colette post a month or so ago. Colette had posted a question to her readers about how folks were going to approach and organize their wardrobe sewing for the upcoming year...or something like was awhile ago that I read it. Corinne commented that she utilized a method she had learned through participating in a Vogue Magazine project focusing on a seasonal anchor piece that stretched the sewists skill set either through technique, fabric or complexity.  The magazine provided a month by month article with assignments, I believe Corinne said it lasted a year. 

So, now that you know the background.. let me begin! 

Our task for this week was to select two neutrals, one dark and one light. I love indigo blue/navy and winter white so that is what I chose. I also have to admit, that I have a really sexy pair of Aquatalia blue suede boots that I want to show off. She then suggested selecting a pop of color and ochre/citrine came to mind. I was overseas this summer and am still thinking about a lovely coat I saw in a window in Italy, it was ochre, I loved it, and it has been on my mind to incorporate that color into my fall wardrobe. Also while in Italy, I tried on but didn't buy a navy lightweight anorak, I really liked it, liked the way it looked but wasn't keen on the craftsmanship for the price. I figured I could make it myself when I got home. Bing, two anchor pieces...Anorak for Spring, Ochre coat for Fall.